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AROUND THE WORLD: The tiny solar-powered ‘solar butterfly’ house is on a tour to draw attention to climate change and needed countermeasures.


Swiss inventors, with their solar-powered mobile home, are touring the world and making their first stop in Baden-Württemberg on Tuesday with Reutlingen.

A group led by Swiss environmental activist Louis Palmer has launched the tiny house called the Solar Butterfly, which looks like a butterfly on the outside, to draw attention to climate change and the need for countermeasures.

The futuristic structure is equipped with solar panels throughout. The living area is about 30 square meters and it is fully equipped with a kitchen, toilet, shower and water supply. All of this is solar powered. According to the makers, the tiny house can also be transported on a trailer for a distance of more than 200 km using the energy generated in this way. The eco-friendly butterfly was developed by Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland.

During the visit to Reutlingen, those interested can take a look at the mobile home and discover the technology behind it. The next stops in the country are Nagold (Wednesday) and Böblingen (Thursday). The entire route of the project will cover 25,000 km and five continents. The goal was set on December 12, 2025 in Paris: the tenth anniversary of the United Nations Climate Agreement. Project initiator Louis Palmer has already completed a similar project. In 2008, he traveled the world in a solar powered car. (dpa)

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