December 9, 2023

Zu den finanziellen Bedingungen macht SoftwareOne keine Angaben.

SoftwareOne takes over UK specialist responsibility for SAP | Switzerland company

(AWP) IT Service Provider SoftwareOne (Suwon 20.60 +2.49%) Strengthens its SAP services business with its UK acquisition. He purchased Centiq, the British service partner of SAP, headquartered in Nottingham, UK. SoftwareOne did not provide any information on financial conditions in Tuesday’s statement.

According to the announcement, Centiq’s current management team and employees will switch to SoftwareOne. With the acquisition, SoftwareOne has strengthened the global SAP services business, which is one of the strategic growth areas.

Centiq, which was founded in 1998, according to the information, is recognized as “SAP (succulents 114.76 -0.02%) Went (Went 1’757.98 -0.65%) Partner.” The company owns the basis of the expanded specialization of SAP at Microsoft (MSFT 283.11 -2.07%) The Azure cloud computing platform is one of Microsoft’s most experienced partners worldwide in this field, according to SoftwareOne.

SoftwareOne has made a number of strategic acquisitions in the past 24 months, including SE16N, ITST, ITPC, Optimum Consulting and BNW, the company mentions in its press release. For the company, these formed the basis of SAP’s presence in 27 countries and cloud provisioning capabilities.

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