October 5, 2023

Software will be the key to countering the US veto.

Software will be the key to countering the US veto.

The US sanctions against Huawei have had a major impact on the Chinese company and its products. The domino effect of the North American veto prompted the Asian manufacturer to analyze an option Contact software development to help mitigate blow.

C. A report claims that Huawei founder, Ren Zhengfei, asked employees to do so Dare to lead the software world. In this way, the company will find an alternative to the restrictions that accompany its hardware business.

If the manager’s idea succeeds, Huawei may lead the battle to the terrain The United States did not have many tools to exercise its power. The Chinese company expected Joe Biden to reverse his predecessor’s decision, but there were no new signs from the White House.

to me . Raine’s request is based on the fact that the field of software development is “outside the control of the United States”. Even the founder of Huawei secured it It will give them more independence and independence.

Software will be Huawei’s key to facing US sanctions

Huawei softwareHarmonyOS

In the memo sent to the employees, the founder of Huawei had recommended Put open source software in the spotlight.

Raine’s note also indicates that the drive for the programs will depend on finding the right business model, and that the company must take an open source approach, encouraging employees to eat nutrients through open source communities.


Huawei has several projects related to software development, although this is the most relevant since the US veto HarmonyOS. The operating system is an Android alternative and has already been offered to other manufacturers or companies that are subject to sanctions.

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The sanctions originally imposed by Donald Trump don’t just affect the purchase and sale of ingredients. But also providing software licenses. The most symbolic case is that of Google, which has blocked Huawei’s access to the Play Store and its Android suite of apps.

If Huawei ramps up its software activities and builds an attractive global ecosystem, it will have weapons that could have an impact. And as Ren Zhengfei wrote, Don’t plan to be quick to forget about actions in North America.

“Once we dominate Europe, the Asia Pacific region, Africa and American standards do not meet our standards and we cannot enter the United States,” The United States will not be able to enter our lands“Threatened in the warrant.