May 21, 2024

Social Media - Trump's Hope: Facebook Committee Says Lifetime Ban Illegal

Social Media – Trump’s Hope: Facebook Committee Says Lifetime Ban Illegal

Social media

Hope for Trump: Facebook says the lifetime ban is illegal

However, at present, the former US president is still banned from Facebook and Instagram. That is why he launched a new blog on Tuesday.

Still Not Allowed on Facebook: Former President Donald Trump.


Donald Trump will remain banned from Facebook and Instagram until further notice. The “Supervisory Board,” the independent oversight body that monitors Facebook’s decisions, announced Wednesday afternoon. But at the same time, the body gives hope to Trump and his supporters. Hold Facebook rulers In her statement That is, it goes against the basic rules of the social platform to block someone for life.

“Facebook may not block a user for an indefinite period of time.”

But this is exactly what Facebook did on January 7th after the riots in Washington, which were fueled by the then President of the United States. Facebook now has six months to reconsider the “arbitrary decision.”

Trump is considering running for the presidency again

So it is clear that Trump will be denied access to the powerful social media platform for the time being. Already in January, the short message service Twitter decided to permanently block the Trump account with about 88 million followers due to the ongoing disinformation of the 45th US President. Twitter continues to adhere to this decision.

In recent months, Trump has increasingly emailed his followers and gave his favorite channel Fox News several lengthy interviews. Compared to “Fox” presenter Sean Hannity, he said last weekHe is seriously considering running for the White House in 2024.

Trump is blogging now

The new news platform Trump promised in the spring soon after he was banned on Twitter was also waiting with impatience. On Wednesday night, his team unveiled the new digital trumpet that the 74-year-old former president intends to communicate directly and unfiltered with the outside world in the future. The platform is called “From Donald J Trump’s office” So far it is more like a blog with short articles than a forum for political interaction.

In short text messages, Trump slammed the unpleasant representatives of the Republican Party who once voted to impeach him and described the “rigged 2020 elections” as “the big lie.” Interactivity options such as the comment function are completely missing. In a 30-second video message, Trump praised his blog as a place where people can speak “freely and safely” – by that he means above all himself.

“In a time of silence and lies, the beacon of freedom erupts here.”

This is what the short film announces. Right above it is an online store banner, where fans can buy Trump mugs and Jass and Roerley cards.

Observers do not believe that by choosing Florida, Florida will cause big waves. Jim Anderson, Head of SocialFlow Consulting, He told the news platform Axios.: Trump’s media power was never his ability to tweet, it was his talent for getting the media to report his tweets. ” Online discussions about Trump have decreased by 91 percent since he was voted out of office.

Rudy Giuliani, former Trump attorney: The FBI looted his New York City office.

Rudy Giuliani, former Trump attorney: The FBI looted his New York City office.


Soon Trump will have other concerns anyway. Many prosecutors are working very hard to draw him to court for various private and criminal offenses. Just last week, the FBI of the Federal Police conducted a search of the home of his former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Trump’s blog has been kept confidential until now.

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