November 28, 2023

So the VAR no longer makes sense

So the VAR no longer makes sense

At the weekend, wrong decisions were made in several Premier League matches. Using VAR for a cat. Suspension.

The 2-1 winning goal by FC St.Gallen is something to talk about. – SRF

The basics in brief

  • St. Gallen beat Servet in injury time.
  • The winning goal by Guillemenot should not count.
  • It’s one of several fatal wrong decisions this past weekend.

The feeling of the VAR in the Premier League! what about Swiss rulers The?

The weekend was the match between St. Galen and Servet as well as a lot YB Smear against Lucerne due to a catastrophic miscalculation and resolve the match.

Do you need a VAR in the Premier League?

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) failure. Video evidence after this round in the Premier League should finally be called into question.

YB-compatible gate does not count

But one after another. succeed on saturday YB– Flugel Wassnacht against the midfield after 55 minutes of the equalizer. However, the blow was withdrawn due to an offside position with the help of benefactor Ngamaleu.

This hit on YB should already count. – SRF

In repetition it becomes clear: the decision is wrong. The ball came from Lucerne’s Wehrmann’s foot to N’Gamalio, and the goal should have been awarded. For whatever reason, the VAR remains silent.

Byrne is fighting for him in injury time Another point. But: who knows how the match would have ended if Fassnacht’s matching goal had been counted?

A clear mistake on Shalk Servet is not punishable

The worst case scenario will follow on Sunday! Guillemenot shoots St. Gallen against Servette for the win at the last minute. But: his golden goal would never have counted.

The beating goes and she Crystal clear foul By ESPN player Diakite, in front of Schalke in Geneva. The first hits his opponent on the head with his elbow.

Here VAR reports, referee Piccolo looks at the scene again. And then, for incomprehensible reasons, Tor decides. I’m sorry what

St. Gallen’s winning goal matters – is it the right decision?

Servet’s fury is great. “This is an obvious mistake for me. We are now visibly deprived for the second time,” anger trainer Alan Geiger in “Blue Sport”.

This resentment is completely understandable. The fact that FCSG captain Görtler judges the referee as “not an obvious wrong decision” can only be understood through the green and white glasses.

Rulers need books

Even when playing a file FC Basel In Sion, referee Sebele is a weak character. Shortly before the end he sent – after consulting the VAR – F.C.B– Defender Comerth from the field.

Correct decision. BUT: The emergency brakes were crisp and clear, and Sibley had to see that for himself!

The truth is that the referee’s performance over the weekend was impressive. The use of the VAR is totally inappropriate.

When goals like St Gallen are given despite the intervention of the video referee, it is clear that there is a lack of communication.

So extra help in the Premier League no longer makes sense.

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