So Chiellini, the Italian worried the Spaniards

Before the penalty shootout in the Euro 2020 semi-final, Giorgio Chiellini was in a good mood. He even gave Jordi Alba a hook on his chin.

Handshake before kick-off. – SRF

The basics in brief

  • Giorgio Chiellini teases Spain captain Alba when he chooses a team for penalty shootouts.
  • This previously attempted to confuse the verdict.
  • Chiellini briefly lifts Alba during the hug and gives him a hook on his chin.

Nearly 37 years old, nine-time Italian champion and 111 appearances for the national team: Giorgio Chiellini has experienced just about everything. So, it annoys him too On penalties in the semi-finals Euro 2020 is not.

When choosing a team for a penalty shootout against Spain, the defensive warrior shows his humorous side. Spanish captain Jordi Alba is trying to confuse the referee. yes Watch out, Chiellini! – He won the coin toss.

Will Italy become the European champion now?

The verdict doesn’t fall for Alba’s ploy either. But now the Spaniard has to push: a cheerful Chiellini pushes Alba away in a friendly way and gives him a gentle hook on his chin. At the end of attending with the trio of referees, the smaller Italian hugged the smaller Spaniard a lot and lifted him up briefly.

Only Chiellini himself knows if the whole thing was a planned act of warrior uncertainty or a spontaneous outburst of emotions. But that doesn’t matter anyway: Italy in the Euro 2020 final.

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