April 13, 2024

Snowboard World Cup: Parallel Slalom – Zug and Jenny win twice in Switzerland – Men get nothing – Sports

  • At the World Figure Skating Championships in Bakuriani (GEO), the Swiss women achieve a double victory in the parallel slalom: Julie Zug takes gold ahead of Ladina Jenny.
  • Dario Caviezel and Gian Casanova can’t meddle in the men’s battle for precious metals.

At the World Championships in Bakuriani, Julie Zug overcame her heavy fall in Sunday’s parallel giant slalom as best she could. After 2019 in Park City, St. Gallen won the Parallel Slalom World Cup gold medal for the second time in her career.

In the final match against Jenny he kept his nerve

“I was in the rescue sled on Sunday and I thought it was impossible to drive today,” said an emotional Zogg afterwards. Success was achieved only thanks to the commitment of the coaches, the doctor and the doctor. “She’s just beautiful.”

Two compatriots stood in Zug’s way in the knockout stage, and their bruises hardly seemed to hinder her leadership: in the round of 16, she was knocked out by Jessica Keizer, and in the final she was 26 hundred faster than the equally convincing Ledina Jeni. The bronze went to Austrian Sabine Schofmann.

Jenny, like Zug, claimed her second World Championship medal with a silver after also taking bronze in the giant slalom at Park City four years earlier. The 29-year-old also proved herself well: at the end of January she won her first ever World Cup in an individual event at Blue Mountain.

Comer comes out surprisingly early

Patricia Kummer disappointingly finished the match. The Valais woman was counted by many as the third best player in the qualifiers. But after a big mistake at the top and an imperfect bottom, she had to concede defeat to Michelle Dekker of the Netherlands in the round of 16.

The Olympic Parallel Slalom Champion from 2014 has been waiting since 2017 (silver in Parallel Giant Slalom Sierra Nevada) for his next World Cup medal.

Caviezel’s quarter-final stoppage

In the men’s category, Dario Caviezel was unable to repeat his success in the parallel giant slalom on Sunday. The silver medalist was helpless in the quarter-finals against Canadian Arnaud Godet after losing his balance after only a few goals. After this mistake, unlike in the round of 16, there was no more catching up. In the playoffs, the 29-year-old was convincing as the fourth.

Caviezel summed up after the race: “It’s a shame, something could have happened today.” “I couldn’t get into the barrel at the top. Hence the mistake was very big.”

Along with Gian Casanova, the second Swiss was eliminated in the round of 16. South Korean Sangu Lee was too much of an obstacle for the 22-year-old from St. Gallen in the last 16. As with the women, there was a double victory at the top, but for Austria: Andreas Brumegger took the gold ahead of Arvid Auner, and the bronze went to Gaudet.

This is how it goes

On Wednesday, alpine skiers will conclude their World Championship program in Bakuriani with the mixed team competition. From 9:50 a.m. you will be on the SRF Zwei channel and in the Sports app.