June 20, 2024

Smile Nova Effect: When ninjawarrior666 rushes in the door

Smile Nova Effect: When ninjawarrior666 rushes in the door

Online insurance company Smile is advertising its home insurance for the first time with an online campaign targeting gamers. The campaign, designed by the agency Nova Impact in Zurich, is based on humor.

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7 September 2022

Players usually have expensive hardware that is not always properly secured. The campaign plays on terms familiar to the target group, such as Stream and Minecraft, and emotional experiences such as losing a game or losing a score. In doing so, these themes are transformed into reality.

As a cornerstone of the campaign, Nova Impact has developed a comprehensive digital media strategy. A creative concept has been designed to go along with this, which is based on the already known communication style of Smile using emojis. The texts on the advertising materials are tailored to the target group of players and with a bit of humor. The gaming target group offers a lot of potential for online insurance, which has evolved into a digital lifestyle brand in recent years.

In addition to developing strategy and creativity, nova influence also handled the production and monitoring of the campaign on various gaming platforms, including Twitch and Reddit. Thanks to the transparent and fast collaboration between Smile Effect and Nova, the campaign can be implemented in a very short time.

Smile Responsible: Josephine Chamolaud (Head of Marketing and E-Commerce), Ivana Gonzalez (Project Management and Digital Marketing), Administrator at NOvulation effect: Sandra Fehr (Owner/CEO, Principal Consultant), Fabio Hengler (Senior Digital Experience Consultant), Desiree Brang (Digital Media Consultant), text: Chen’s courtship.

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