May 24, 2024

Smart Pro Camera: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

There is talk of artificial intelligence everywhere, but it often hides false promises of salvation. Samsung, on the other hand, is moving forward on this topic and targeting its current best models specifically for the new technology. Under the term Galaxy AI, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and its sister models pack a lot of smart AI functions that amateur and professional photographers alike can take advantage of.

Artificial intelligence for perfect image quality

the new Pro Visual Engine Part of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: it offers a full suite of AI-powered camera tools for the greatest possible creative freedom. Not only can AI help with optimal recording settings, but it can also streamline the post-production process. Photographers are supported every step of the way to get more potential from their images – whether it's day or night. A selection of smart functions at a glance:

  • Night photography: The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's sensor is larger compared to its predecessor, which increases light output and reduces image noise. This means that photos taken at night look sharper. For example, the night horizon can appear more natural; Even subtle gradations can still be seen. In addition, artificial intelligence via AI ISP (Artificial Intelligence Image Signal Processing) optimizes incoming image signals for a brighter and clearer image.
  • Generative image processing: The big topic is the subsequent alteration of images using artificial intelligence. With the help of Galaxy AI technology, images can be corrected later. This is useful, for example, if you shoot a scene – such as the Eiffel Tower – and want to correct for keystone but don't want to lose any areas of the image. Plus, unwanted objects – like a car parked in plain sight – can be easily removed. Compounds and shadows are replaced organically and simply need to be circled.
© Samsung
  • Super HDR: With the help of Super HDR, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can create maximum possible dark and light variants of recordings and combine them into Super HDR recording. This means that a large dynamic range is captured. This increases image quality and contrast, even in difficult lighting conditions.
  • Color pictures later: Another clever AI function improves black-and-white photos taken by grandparents, for example. Once photographed, they can be colored later. Artificial intelligence interprets the image and chooses colors based on that. Old family photos or other memorabilia can be filled with more life in just a few steps.
  • Remove reflections: Photos taken from an airplane or from a house often have annoying reflection, for example when the light is on. With the help of Galaxy AI, they can be easily removed.
  • Edit suggestion function: If you do not want to edit the recording for a long time, you will be happy with this function. Appropriate optimization recommendations are provided for each image. This is especially useful for beginners, who are supported in choosing creative tools. The function is compatible with JPG, PNG, GIF and even MP4 formats, and video editing is also possible.
  • Super slow motion shooting: Videos also benefit from Galaxy AI. With the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, among other things, it is easy to watch recordings in slow motion. All you have to do is tap on the screen during playback. The AI ​​actually calculates the average images, making slow motion very smooth. This is especially evident in clips of exploding fireworks or water features.
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Four cameras and a super zoom on board

There are four lenses on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Overview of main technical data:

  • Main camera: 200 MP, optical image stabilization, fast F1.7 aperture
  • Ultra wide angle: 12 megapixel, F3.4 lens aperture
  • Telephoto camera: 50 MP, optical image stabilization, fast F2.2 aperture
  • second Close-up camera: 10 MP, optical image stabilization, F2.4 aperture

What is worth highlighting here is this Optical image stabilization (Optical Image Stabilization): This optically stabilizes shaky images, reducing camera shake and making recording appear calmer. Zoom in up to 100x with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung has particularly focused on high optical performance when zooming.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Enhanced zoom with Quad Tele system

A good camera zooms in without losing much quality. There is a huge difference between digital zoom and optical zoom. But unlike professional cameras, smartphones are more limited. Due to limited space, optical magnification is usually only possible at one magnification level, i.e. about two or three times.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, on the other hand, is able to maintain the high quality of optical zoom at 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x and all zoom levels in between. The Adaptive Pixel Sensor uses multi-frame processing and AI to enable greater image quality at zoom levels. The new 50-megapixel sensor in the quad-zoom system is also useful. Even with 100x digital zoom, an amazing level of detail is achieved.
  • Thanks to AI, image noise and distortions are significantly reduced after optimization, and the level of detail is clearly increased (right image) than before optimization (left. © Samsung)
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More AI jobs

Not only does Galaxy AI include camera functions, they can be found almost everywhere on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. For example, there is a live translator built into the phone app. Once activated, bilingual phone calls – for example between a German-speaking person and an English-speaking person – are translated almost simultaneously. It is also possible to translate on site, for example when speaking to a taxi driver or a waitress outside. Another practical advantage is the ability to quickly organize written notes using AI, for example into ordered lists or topical collages. This can save time and allow for better organization.

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