June 23, 2024

Small step for individuals, giant leap for cybersecurity!  - Sophos News

Small step for individuals, giant leap for cybersecurity! – Sophos News

Cyber ​​security is important! Because every case of cybercrime affects not only the individual victim, but all of us – through fake requests, emails, lies and data theft. The most important rules are now known to most people, but the famous vision of the bigger picture is often still missing. Many small touches that a single user can perform on a laptop, PC or smartphone without much help. Fully contain cyber attacks. The perfect occasion to catch a glimpse of yourself here is ECSM European Cyber ​​Security Month.

In the early malware years, computer viruses were primarily used to show off to friends or simply to destructive pursuit of IT professionals. But cybercrime has never been so funny or harmless. It developed very quickly and the thriller turned into a major criminal act in a very short time. A “milestone” in cybercrime occurred around 2000, when hackers finally figured out how to not only harm programs, but also use them to earn illegal money.

a lot of money. Money fans.
First, there were fake charities to which victims were supposed to send their money for a good cause. Then the criminals started stealing bank passwords and credit card numbers. Today they extort ransom money for widely hacked or encrypted data – key ransomware. The most dangerous thing is that cyber crime affects everyone. No matter how insignificant one feels in the digital economy, or how little one thinks they own, personal data of any kind is always valuable to fraudsters. The deadly thing about criminal intrigue is that gangsters make unsuspecting people their helpers, unnoticed and left. For example, when scammers steal passwords and misuse online accounts that the owner doesn’t care about or simply forgot, many people get hurt. Because no matter what law criminals are violating, they are doing it on behalf of the primary victim if other people are deceived with the hijacked account.

October This Means ‘Raising Awareness of Cyber ​​Risks’
European Cyber ​​Security Month (ECSM) first started in 2012 and is based on Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month, which was established in the US in 2004. One might think that it is always the same advice that is published annually by professionals and published in the media because nobody He can think of anything better. However, redundancy does not mean insignificance in and of itself: cybersecurity principles remain valid and relevant. Everyone can upgrade their cyber security just a little bit more – even in their own life – with little effort and no cost. Any action that makes it more difficult for scammers is a small victory.

Today’s recommendation
Some circumstances change, but the basic safety instructions have lost none of their effectiveness over the years – they are useful, practical and proven. These include.

  • Use strong passwords or a password manager
  • Use good security solutions on all computers and mobile devices (such as Free trials and tools from Sophos)
  • Immediately apply all available updates to your PC and mobile devices
  • Always act cautiously on the Internet, for example, never open emails or attachments from strangers without thinking or never give out personal data to strangers

And even if you are already applying all the preventive measures, you should always ask yourself: Do family members, friends and colleagues do this too? Everyone’s attitude can ensure that everyone’s safety is improved. in this meaning:

Take a small step in using online services – and enable a giant leap in cybersecurity!

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You can also find many valuable tips on how to optimally arm yourself against attackers online for free Cybersecurity Best Practices Collection.