December 10, 2023

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Slalom is expanding its global footprint by opening a new space …

Slalom Germany

Munich (ots)

The consulting firm is recognized by its clients and associates for its expertise in strategy, technology and business transformation, and has a reputation as an excellent place to work.

Slalom, a global consulting firm focusing on strategy, technology and business change, today announced the opening of an office in Germany.

Slalom has extensive experience advising and supporting companies in areas such as health and life sciences, media and communications, technology, manufacturing and financial services, making it an excellent partner for German companies looking to realize their vision.

John Dobin, co-founder and managing vice president of Slam at EMEA & APAC, said, “We approach growth in a Slalom way guided by our values ​​and unwavering customer focus.” Our partners and clients are asking us to join them in markets around the world. We look forward to expanding our global reach because we want people and businesses to dream big, move fast and create a brighter future for all. ”

Slalom also has the reputation of being the “best place to work” in Germany; Culture has received numerous awards based on feedback from those who know the company well – from its employees. “We strive to make every team member love their work and life – and are encouraged to bring their true selves into our inclusive, flexible environment,” said Heather Snowden, Germany’s interim director.

Slalom is already working with well-known companies in Germany and expects to hire 75 people by the end of this year in support of customer transformation initiatives, including the development of new digital products that enhance modern and dynamic work methods. Slalom serves customers across Germany, opening an office in Munich today and expanding rapidly to other locations, including Frankfurt, Cologne, D டுsseldorf and Berlin.

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Slalom maintains strong partnerships with more than 400 leading technology providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Salesforce and Tableau and regional innovation centers. Slalom is recognized as one of the best companies by Fortune Magazine, Glassdoor, Forbes Magazine, Human Rights Campaign and many more.

With expansion in Germany, Slalom now has offices in six countries, including Australia, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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About Slalom

Slalom is a global consulting firm focusing on strategy, technology and business transformation. In 43 markets around the world, slalom teams have the autonomy to act quickly and do the right thing. They are supported by regional innovation centers, a culture of global collaboration and partnerships with the world’s leading technology providers. Founded in 2001, Slalom is headquartered in Seattle and has grown naturally to over 12,500 employees. Slalom has been named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Places for seven consecutive years and continues to be rated Best Place to Work by its staff.

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