May 23, 2024

Symbolbild: Mensch spricht in Mikrofon mit „Sky Sport“-Beschriftung

Sky reorganizes sports show: 2 channels disqualified

Sky Pay is using the summer soccer break to beautify and restructure its sports portfolio. In the future, designations such as “Sky Sport 1” and “Sky Sport 2” will be deleted, but the sport will have individual 24-hour transmitters. On the other hand, two prominent channels may soon disappear from the platform.

In the future, Sky will focus on individual channels in the sports segment, which will replace the previous mix on sports channels. At “Screenforce Days” on Tuesday, the Munich-based company introduced the new “Sky Sport Golf”, “Sky Sport Tennis”, “Sky Sport Top Event” and “Sky Sport Mix” shows. It has been known since May that the Premier League can be seen on the “Sky Sport Premier League” of the new season.

Screenforce Days: Sky introduces a new sports package

It is not yet known when the new Sky channels will start. A date in time before the new second division season begins on July 15 is considered likely. According to rumors, it could end on July 14: for today, a preview of the program on the Sky website had briefly set the broadcast for the “Sky Sport Premier League”.

The current main channels of Formula 1 and the Bundesliga remain unaffected by the changes, as is the case with “Sky Sport News”. By the way, a new subscription is not necessary for the extended offer. Sky already relies on a relatively structured offering in the editions for Great Britain and Italy.

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On the other hand, sports fans are very likely to dispense with “Eurosport 1” and “Eurosport 2” on Sky in the future. The Discovery group of owners appears to want to prominently incorporate the ‘Eurosport’ branding into the new ‘Discovery Plus’ streaming portal. Both channels are set to disappear from pay-TV at the end of July – but there’s no confirmation yet.