May 21, 2024

Sky intensifies its technical collaboration with MagentaTV -

Sky intensifies its technical collaboration with MagentaTV –

Sky Deutschland and Deutsche Telekom have announced that they will expand their technical cooperation in on-demand business and also make related broadcasting offerings available via technical solutions from the other provider. In addition, Sky confirmed the end of FOX HD and announced the new channel Sky Replay – which turns the British model on its head.

At a time when many users of on-demand services use more than one provider, it is important to provide customers with their own applications on as many devices as possible in order to break down usage barriers. In this context, Sky Deutschland and Deutsche Telekom have now announced an expanded collaboration: MagentaTV stick users will receive one throughout the year. Sky-Ticket App The Sky Ticket offer can be booked (billing is played through Deutsche Telekom) – the corresponding applications for media receivers and TV boxes must be followed.

In contrast, the MagentaSport app Accessible on Sky Deutschland via Sky Q, it expands the range of live sports, including matches for the German Ice Hockey League (DEL), German Basketball League (BBL), Division III, and the Women’s Bundesliga.

Adjustments in the sky

Sky confirmed that with the discontinuation of FOX HD on September 30, the channel will of course also disappear from the Sky show: All of the station’s content can then be watched on the Disney + streaming service, as stated in the message. Disney+ can be booked via Sky Q for a fee.

On Sky itself, the new channels Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature will launch on September 9, as previously announced ( reported).

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The station will be added on October 4 sky remodeling: replaces the event dispatcher Sky Siren and offers It shows “the most popular programs a few days after their first broadcast” in a 24-hour program. This is noteworthy as a similar station in Great Britain has just been announced that wants to summarize the best Sky program (there): however, these programs are shown for the first time on the station called Sky Showcase (reported by In the UK, Sky One production has been discontinued.

In previous years, Sky One was the tank in Great Britain for Sky’s in-house productions there, while Sky itself served as the platform for many different pay-TV channels, for which Sky paid a license fee. In recent years – both in Great Britain and Germany – more and more budgets have been reallocated, so that now investment is made in in-house production rather than licensing fees for other broadcasters. At the same time, Sky has also expanded the range of its own channels (such as Sky Comedy).