February 25, 2024

Ski Cross – It's freezing cold for Ajeski in Canada

“We hope we don't freeze,” Johannes Ajeski winks. On Wednesday, SC Goestling-Hocher's ski cross ace left Munich for the Canadian ski resort of Nagiska. Temperatures are expected to range from minus 25 to minus 35 degrees in the next few days.

But Awjeski won't let that stop him: he's flying in the Canadian cold from previous World Cup races. At the start he ran ninth and seventh in France's Val Thorens. As a result, things did not go as planned in Arosa, Switzerland, finishing 22nd. Aujesky recently reappeared in San Candido, Italy.

There he finished second and third in two qualifications! In the first race, Ojeski finished 17th, and in the second he fought for tenth place.

“I still make little mistakes in the heat”

Despite the best place, he is critical: “I still make small mistakes in the heats,” he explains. “That's something I need to work on.” For example, he never got a perfect start or allowed a follower to push him out during the race. Aujesky recently worked on his form at Reiteralm.

Ojeski arrived in Nagiska a week before the first qualifying round – enough to overcome the eight-hour time difference. and explore the path. ‚ÄúNakiska is not a place for me. But this year is a completely new path. We will see. “Because we're relatively early, I think I can prepare for it better,” counters Ajeski. His goal: “I want to reach the top ten so I can confirm my form.” Races are held on January 20 and 21.