Sir Elton John: His private jet made an emergency landing in England

Sir Elton-John
His private jet made an emergency landing in the UK

Sir Elton John has experienced a terrible flight.

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Elton John’s private jet was forced to return due to hydraulic malfunction. But the emergency landing was only successful on the third attempt.

Sir Elton John (74) piloted the horror plane. First, a technical glitch on the ship forced the pilots of his private jet to return. But the emergency landing was stopped twice.

Technical Issues and Storm “Franklin”

The singer was on her way from Fornborough Airport in Hampshire, England for a show in New York on Monday and was flying over Ireland when the pilots decided to return due to a problem with the hydraulic systems. They listened to the radio to demand an emergency landing, after which firefighters rushed to the runway.

But when the “Franklin” storm hit the airport at 130 kilometers per hour, the plane had to make two emergency landings and return. A witness said, according to The Sun.: “The jet spun in the air and failed to land. It was a horrible sight.” The maneuver was successful only on the third attempt. Rescue workers surrounded the 66 66 million Bombardier Global Express jet when it was grounded. Thus the superstar is said to be shocked.

However, Sir Elton John later flew to the United States for his performance at Madison Square Garden as part of his global farewell Yellow Brick Road tour.


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