December 7, 2023

More than 13 million Britons have been vaccinated

Sinn Fein has a clear lead in the Northern Ireland elections

However, the formation of the government can be resisted by the PUP This would be a historical outcome for that part of the United Kingdom. Sinn Fein was once considered the political arm of the ERA, which fought at gunpoint to unite Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland.

If the expectations are confirmed, the party will be given the right to nominate the prime minister in the next unity government. Until now, this position has always been occupied by parties calling for the preservation of the union with Great Britain. Sinn Fein remained committed to the unity of Ireland, but did not prioritize it during the election campaign.

However, the formation of the government may fail due to the resistance of the Protestant Unionist Party (DUP), which would have to appoint a representative with equal rights. According to the 1998 peace agreement known as the Good Friday Agreement, the most powerful parties from both sects must form a national unity government.

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