Sinn Fein accuses Johnson of colluding with DUP

The Catholic Republican Party Sinn Fein emerged as the strongest party for the first time in last week’s elections in the part of the country that belongs to the United Kingdom. In fact, therefore, Vice President Michelle O’Neill, who ran as the top candidate, should take over as Prime Minister. But the PUP refuses to elect a Speaker and join a unity government with Sinn Fein, as envisaged in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. The province is politically paralyzed.

The Federal Democratic Party is demanding that London unilaterally withdraw from the agreement with Brussels on the special status of Northern Ireland’s exit from the European Union. The so-called Northern Ireland Protocol aims to avoid border controls with the European Union member Republic of Ireland, thus preventing violent conflict between supporters and opponents of Irish unity from erupting again. Instead, a customs border emerged between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. Therefore, supporters of the Union fear alienation from London.

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