May 23, 2024

Einplatinencomputer: Raspberry Pi OS wechselt auf Debian 11 und GTK3

Single Board Computer: Raspberry Pi OS changes to Debian 11 and GTK3

The free Raspberry Pi OS – formerly known as Raspbian – for mini PCs and single-board computers such as the Raspberry Pi 4 is based on Debian GNU/Linux and now uses the current Debian 11 (“Bullseye”) for the first time. With the change to the new foundation, all applications were also based on the GUI toolkit GTK3 rearranged.

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Debian 11 arrives at Pi

With the current version, in addition to the Linux 5.10 LTS operating system kernel with support until December 2022, Debian 11 (“Bullseye”) will also find its way to Raspberry Pi OS for the first time. In the keyboard shell, instead, the mature Linux 4.19 kernel is still available.

Raspberry Pi OS with PIXEL desktop based on LXDE (Photo: Raspberry Pi Foundation)

Free desktop environment desktop is used LXDE For Unix and other POSIX compliant platforms such as Linux and BSD derived from PIXEL Desktop from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. In addition, support for the free GTK GUI toolkit, formerly known as GTK+, and encryption technology has been improved. OpenSSL Accelerated under ARM64. In addition, some system icons have been slightly modified.

Raspberry Pi OS – Highlights
  • GTK3 Full
  • files manager
  • KMS Video Driver
  • New camera driver
  • Native Windows Manager
  • Notification Center
  • Plugin Update
  • Linux 5.10.63
  • book shelf
  • Debian 11

For the first time ever, a free window manager is also available Mother, which is deeply integrated into the desktop shell and can be compared to KWin As the author of the display server protocol Wayland Functions used in Raspberry Pi OS.

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New software packages

On the software side, there is the Chromium 92 browser, the free office suite LibreOffice, VLC Media Player 3.0.16 “Out of the Box” and more than 35,000 software packages can be downloaded from Debian 11 (“Bullseye”) sources.

The latest version of the Raspberry Pi OS also updates the firmware of all popular models in the Raspberry Pi series. More details are provided Official Announcement.

Three system images are available

In addition to the large system image Raspberry Pi OS with Desktop and Software (ZIP) stand with Raspberry Pi OS with Desktop (ZIP) And Raspberry Pi OS Lite (ZIP) More embedded images available for download.

If desired, a person who is easy to use can also help Raspberry Pi Imager When creating installation media on Windows, Linux and macOS.

More information is provided by the administrator website, The forum As well as widely documentation Raspberry Pi Abbey Foundation.