October 5, 2023

Singers fill the seats

Singers fill the seats

musical party

The Gospel in Tobel: “Singing” fill the seats

The Singers are celebrating a very special comeback, and that is the motto of their Saturday party. In the almost complete Catholic Church they sing famous songs.

“Singing,” the mixed choir under the direction of Rositza Tobler, performs in the Catholic Church.

Photo: Christoph Herr

Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Suess don’t get out of their way the first time they find out about it from gospel parties in the States. However, the gospel there is more important than it is in this country. When the “Singers” performed the famous “It’s Raining Men”, one would have, however, expected that this would also be reflected in the mood in the Tobel Church. Meanwhile, attendees are quietly enjoying the singing and the melody of the mixed chorus. For this – and this must be noted – they are absolutely not spared applause. Conductor Rositza Tobler rehearsed diligently with her choir.

The song series begins with “Days Like This” and “Amezalewa”, followed by “Try It With Comfort”, “Do You Feel the Love Tonight” and “The Show Must Go On”. What follows is rather rare on concert evenings, that is, a twenty-minute break. Stretch your legs, engage the conversations or just sit back and look forward to Part Two – because like I said: the show has to go on.

It continues with a large part of Swiss songs. Louenensee, Alperose, Ewigi Liebi, or homesickness. Who invented it? Of course the Swiss. Who will bring her to the stage? One thing is clear: “sing”. Eddie Andreoli is a great personality as a medium. Its appearance is charming and funny. Pianist Hanspeter Nadler is in no way inferior to him and proves his class on the piano. All in all, a successful musical evening with many visitors, happy club members and very satisfied conductor.

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