April 22, 2024

Singapore has the highest quality "commercial elite" in the world

Singapore has the highest quality “commercial elite” in the world

Singapore tops the Elite Quality Index for the second year in a row.

For the second time in a row, Singapore topped the 2021 Elite Quality Index (EQX) index for St Gallen University and Singapore Management University.

EQX measures the way in which elites contribute to the development of their countries, and in particular how economic and political growth can be enabled or hindered.

The study shows that Singapore’s business elite are the world’s most valuable content creators, followed by Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

“The country’s and city’s commercial elites are by far the most valuable innovators in the world, and the value creation of the Singaporean elite is largely based on their strong position in economic value, including their stance on free trade and their openness to business and foreign direct investment. First place in the investment of investment capital and its availability for entrepreneurs, which allows the formation of new elites quickly. There is no doubt that strong institutions, political stability and low rates of corruption in Singapore have helped translate the creation of economic value into broad social and economic benefits for the population, which is reflected in high degrees. Of institutional quality and the government’s response to change, Singapore Management University said in a statement.

In every indicator, Singaporean elites also outperformed economic value, fighting protectionism and investment capital and encouraging foreign direct investment. It ranked fourth for business openness.

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The study examined 151 countries and 107 component indicators, including economic strength, economic value, political power, and political value.