June 14, 2024

SIHF CEO takes stock – Bloch: ‘Also 6, 7 other teams want gold’ – Sports


The CEO of Swiss Ice Hockey looks back on the previous World Cup in Riga and talks about the national team’s ambitions.

As CEO of Swiss Ice Hockey, Patrick Bloch is of course pleased with the performance of the Swiss national team at the World Ice Hockey Championships in Riga. In an interview with SRF he talked about…

…highlighted in the former World Cup

“This is our previous look. I think we put in a very good show from the ground up, on and off the ice. We’ve had a lot of compliments.”

For us, getting to the final weekend would be the next step. That’s the point.

… developing a national team that will now finish the group stage of the World Cup in first place for the second time in a row

“What Patrick Fisher has created and developed with his team over the past few years, also in terms of external impact, has brought us very positive feedback. Not only from Switzerland, but also from international ice hockey experts. I noticed that something was going on in Swiss ice hockey.”

…. The confident demeanor of the Swiss

“It’s always a little heavy. On the one hand you want to be confident, on the other hand you shouldn’t forget where Swiss ice hockey comes from and where you are at the moment. Gold always seems special, but 6 or 7 other teams want it too For us, getting to the final weekend will be the next step. That’s the goal.”

You don’t play not to lose, you play to win.

… The fact that Switzerland can keep up with countries like the Czech Republic and Canada, which have far more licensed ice hockey players.

“There are a lot of factors at play here. If you look at the junior levels, the gap between the big nations and Switzerland is still quite large. But we have managed to narrow the gap towards the senior national team. Our players work there at the highest level, and that is also evident with all of our NHL players. They are big stars in North America. That makes us proud.”

… many quarter-final exits in recent years

“If you follow the process a little bit, you can see that the team is not afraid anymore. You don’t play not to lose, you play to win. There is a confidence that we are one of the best countries. Appearances on the Euro Hockey Tour also help that we can stay strong.” Against the big countries, and this will also help us in crucial moments.”

… the importance of reaching the quarter-finals

“Everyone knows we’re close and we can. Now we want to prove it to ourselves. It gives us charisma that helps us in many ways. It brings boys and girls back into ice hockey. The euphoria in Switzerland is actually great when there’s a World Cup. Now we have to take the next step.” to bring it down.”