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One month after Switzerland’s historic triple victory at the Olympics, Neve and Frey competed for third place in the World Cup. The Olympic runner-up from Zurich, who was the first world champion in the short race on Thursday, was ahead of the match. Linda Endergand, third on the podium in Tokyo after Neve and Frey, finished 12th, two places behind Alessandra Keeler.

“A sprint with a better finish for me and a solid performance from both of us given the fatigue,” Frey said in an interview with Switzerland. “I think we got the most out of it. The silver medal for Tokyo was very inspiring.” the television.

superior british woman

Evie Richards got her coveted rainbow shirt more than a minute before she took off her Trypstra from Holland. The 24-year-old English woman, who started by noting two short race wins and two Under-23 World Cup titles and yet to finish third in the World Cup, is the first British cross country champion.

At the start of the race, Neff was the first chaser for Ferran Prevot, who got off to a great start and made a solid cushion quickly. The St. Gallen woman, whose training has been neglected since the victory in Japan, could not maintain her pace as the French world champion for the past two years. “I didn’t have the best legs or the best feeling,” said Neff. “Maybe this setup wasn’t able to do more than this fourth. There wasn’t much I could have done better.”

Ferran Prevo finished sixth

Not so Evie Richards. From the second of five laps onwards, the new world champion made up for her deficit of more than half a minute in Ferrand-Prévot, and from the middle of the race alone on top.

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Behind Richards, Ferrand-Prévot slipped to sixth and other positions on the podium. In the final round, Frei, Neff and Maja Wloszczowska of Poland competed for the bronze medal. The latter took himself out of the medal decision with a mistake in a technical clip before the sprint. The former managed to reach the most favored position in the decisive passage before the final touchdown and assert himself against Nev.

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