December 10, 2023

Sicily landscape - Etna volcano erupted again

Sicily landscape – Etna volcano erupted again

There was a powerful eruption on the southeastern side of the volcano in Sicily. Nothing is known about the damage or injuries.

An exciting natural scene: A year ago, the Mount Etna volcano erupted around the same day.

Video: AP / 20 min

On the island of Sicily in southern Italy, Mount Etna ablaze in flames and ash spectacularly. According to several media reports, a powerful explosion occurred on the southeastern side of the volcano on Tuesday evening.

Many users have shared photos and videos of the landscape on social media. A huge cloud of smoke was rising from the crater and lava flowed down the slope. The Adnkronos News Agency wrote that the current reached a height of 2000 meters. There were no initial reports of damage or injuries. On the Internet platform Volcano News Network It is said that “volcanic ash was detected at an altitude of 10.400 meters above sea level.”

The airport is temporarily closed

The international airport in Catania, south of Mount Etna, has temporarily stopped operating due to volcanic ash in the air. According to the ANSA news agency, the column of smoke and ash rose for a distance of one kilometer, which impeded safe flight. The gray rain fell on the town’s houses, streets and balconies.

On Etna there are always revolutions. The volcano is located in eastern Sicily. With over 300,000 inhabitants, Catania is one of the largest cities in the region. The mountain itself is more than 3,300 meters high and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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