December 10, 2023

Muss Wissenschaft lauter werden? Klima-Diskussion in Mainz mit Harald Lesch

Should the flag rise? Climate discussion in Mainz with Harald Lesch

Does science have to be louder so that decisive measures to protect the climate can be implemented? This question will be discussed in a panel discussion at JGU on May 13th. There will be physics professor Harald Lesch, Mainz professor of chemistry Sebastian Seifert, ZDF meteorologist Osden Turley and psychologist Leah Dom. The event will be moderated by Berlin-based journalist and writer Sarah Schuermann.

Mainz chemist Sebastian Seifert, who is also part of Scientists for the Future, says. “However, from a scientific point of view, no appropriate measures have been implemented so far.”

Therefore, the panel discussion in Mainz should clarify: “Should science be louder in order to penetrate the political and media discourse?” The following questions should also be discussed, among others: What is the responsibility of scholars in public discourse? Do they need to communicate more clearly? And what were the mistakes made during the epidemic?

The event will also be broadcast live

The event is open and free to all. It will take place on May 13th from 8:30pm in the ReWi1 auditorium. Since there is only space for about 500 people, participants must do this direct subscription. Anyone else can Live Streaming on Youtube Watching, watching. This event is supported by the Hochschule Geisenheim University, the Dres.Göbel Climate Foundation as well as the Futurist Unit, the Climate Public School and the Mainz Future Students.