May 27, 2024

Should Ferrari have kept Sainz?

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Should Ferrari have kept Sainz?

Many Formula 1 fans are currently asking themselves this question. Although the Spaniard has achieved the only two wins for Ferrari since the beginning of the 2023 season, he will have to leave at the end of the year to make room for Lewis Hamilton.

So, would it have been better to part ways with Charles Leclerc instead, who has not won since July 2022? Three-time Grand Prix winner Thierry Boutsen doesn't see it that way.

Reverse “Personally, I would keep Charles instead of Carlos if I had the choice,” he explains. Since Sainz has to leave Ferrari anyway, he currently faces less pressure than Leclerc.

“Sainz is there to achieve as much as possible in the last races with Ferrari because he has no other choice,” Boutsen said. Leclerc, on the other hand, has to think long-term and help Ferrari prepare for the future.

“If you look at the two over the years they spent together, Charles was faster than Carlos,” he confirms and thus explains: “I would definitely keep Charles. He has more speed and more potential to win.”

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China was the country of Mercedes

By the way, here's a little statistic from our large database: In the last 10 years, only one team other than Mercedes has won in Shanghai!

The Silver Arrows won five out of six races between 2014 and 2019, with only Daniel Ricciardo coming between them once at Red Bull 2018.

Ferrari's last victory in China was eleven years ago: in 2013, Fernando Alonso triumphed for the Scuderia.

But times have changed in Formula 1 since the last China race five years ago, which is why Mercedes (despite a good record) will certainly not start as favorites this weekend…

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On this day 12 years ago…

… Nico Rosberg won the Chinese Grand Prix in 2012. A historic victory because it was not only Rosberg's first win in Formula 1, but it was also the first victory for the Mercedes factory team since 1955!

That's why it would go beyond our bar to go into this weekend again here, and that's why I'm recommending our big advantage at the 2021 Chinese Grand Prix.

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Haas: Update for more downforce in China

Because we already talked about the updates previously: Haas has not released any new parts for the VF-24 this year. However, that will change this weekend, as team boss Ayo Komatsu confirmed in the run-up to the China race.

However, what worries him is that, on the one hand, it is a fast weekend where there is only one free practice session, and on the other hand, it could rain during this single practice session.

“When it's wet, we can't do much [über die neuen Teile] “He knows,” but he stresses: “Every little bit of downforce helps […]. When it's dry, we want to spend the session adjusting the car to the aero package.”

Regardless, he hopes the track characteristics suit Haas, after Suzuka recently revealed the weaknesses of the VF-24.

“In Shanghai, the cornering speeds are lower, the back straight is very long and the back straight is also very long, which should suit our car,” hopes the Japanese.

Haas has so far managed to score points in two of the four races of the season and now ranks seventh in the championship.

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The largest dismantling operations

Although Sergio Perez has generally had no chance against Max Verstappen internally at Red Bull over the past three years, the Mexican did not 'make it' in this photo series:

Photo series: World Cup teammates: The biggest breakups of the past 45 years

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Marco: New position in Perez

Helmut Marko believes he knows why things have gone relatively well for Sergio Perez at the start of the season. The Mexican has finished second in three of the four races so far and is therefore second behind Max Verstappen in the World Championship.

“His way of thinking has changed,” Marco explains and reveals: “He now follows the arrangements [von Max] “And this is the fastest setting anyway.” Perez is no longer necessarily trying to beat Verstappen.

“You can't beat Max with a different setup. You can't beat Max anyway,” believes Marko, who explains that Perez simply wants to get his best this year.

That's why he is “much closer” to Verstappen than he was at times last year.

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Why is Ferrari so good with (almost) no updates

We're sticking with the Scuderia, because Ferrari is the only team other than Red Bull to have managed to win in the 2024 Formula 1 season – even though they haven't used any major updates to the SF-24 yet.

But this does not mean that Ferrari does not use updates at all! At the fourth race of the season in Japan, the team modified the rear wheel suspension wishbone.

What was new was the width of the wishbone, so it now has a larger surface area than it did in the previous version. You can read more about this in this tech feature!

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Where is Sainz headed?

The Spaniard has previously driven in Formula 1 for Toro Rosso, Renault, McLaren and Ferrari. If he continues his career in 2025, which is expected, he will likely start for a fifth different team.

He is already one of an elite list of drivers who have competed in the premier class for both McLaren and Ferrari. More about this in this photo series:

Photo series: Prost, Lauda and co: These drivers drove for Ferrari and McLaren

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Super Formula and Formula 1 on the same weekend?

With both Formula 1 and Japanese Super Formula competing at Suzuka, track bosses want both series to race on the same weekend – perhaps as early as 2025.

This was discussed as early as 2024, but in the end the joint event was not held, among other logistical reasons. However, people in Suzuka have not given up hope yet.

In one Exclusive interview with our international colleagues “The decision also lies with Formula 1, but Super Formula is the premier racing category in Japan,” Suzuka president Tsuyoshi Saito explained.

Saito said: “That is why it will be very interesting for us to hold Formula 1 and Super Formula on the same weekend. It is a possibility and we will welcome this option, but of course we cannot decide that.”

Let's see if it works this time!

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inside and outside

We've already mentioned it: Formula 1 will race in China again this weekend for the first time since 2019. You can find out what's happened on the first-term calendar since then in this series of photos:

Photo series: Changes to the Formula 1 calendar in recent years

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Szafnauer sees responsibility among the Alpine leaders

Famen's predecessor Otmar Szafnauer (unsurprisingly) has a slightly different view on why things are not going well in Enston. In an interview on journalist Peter Windsor's YouTube channel, he recently rebuked the Alpine leaders.

They expected and demanded success very quickly. “I think you can get there in a year or two [an die Spitze der Formel 1] Creates is naive. “It's not possible,” said Szafnauer, who has been Enstone's sole team leader for about a year and a half.

After that, the people there ran out of patience, and now they are in a much worse situation. Szafnauer's full statements can be found here!

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Who is responsible for the Alpine crisis?

After the first four races of the season, Alpine is in last place in the World Championship without a single point. Perhaps team president Bruno Famine does not want to take responsibility for this false start.

In one meeting with “The car we have now is the result of the previous management,” explains Famine, who has been president of the French team since the summer of 2023.

“But what is important is what we are doing now and I am satisfied with what we are doing,” said Famin, who replaced Otmar Szafnauer last summer. Since then there have been several other departures from Enstone.

It seems that Famen now wants to shift responsibility for the current situation to those people who are no longer there. He himself confirms that he has “full support” in the group.

He clarifies: “The team is not for sale at all,” after rumors circulated recently in this regard. The goal remains to return the Alps to the summit.

“We want to fight for podiums and victories as quickly as possible,” said Famen. However, at the moment, I personally lack imagination as to how this will play out in the foreseeable future…

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Race week!

Hello and welcome to the new edition of the Formula 1 News Feed. It's Race Week again, and for the first time in five years, Chapter 1 returns to China this week.

It will then return on the first weekend of the year. So it definitely won't be boring, and here at The Strip we want to get you in the right mood to return to Shanghai!

Robin Zimmerman He will accompany you throughout the day and if you have any questions, suggestions or complaints you can use our contact form. You can also find us on Facebook, X, Instagram And YoutubeAnd if you have any questions, you can also use our X-Hashtag #FragMST. here we are!

Here you can read our live reel from last Friday again!

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