June 21, 2024

Shorter life expectancy – more subsidies needed for healthy school meals – News4teachers

Ban’s relatively low life expectancy despite its relatively expensive health system? In view of the new study results, the German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine is calling for a greater improvement in health literacy.

Life expectancy in Germany is remarkably low in international comparison, as shown by a recent study by the Max Planck Institute for Population Research in Rostock, which compared life expectancy in six high-income countries. In view of this result, the German Society for General Medicine and Family Medicine (DEGAM) calls for a further focus on prevention and health literacy. This also applies to schools.

Cost of healthy school meals. Photograph: Ibokel / Pixabay (pl)

Although Germany maintains one of the most expensive health care systems in the world, it is one of the top places when it comes to spending on health care, even when compared to high-income countries, and the life expectancy of countries (Switzerland, France, Japan, Spain, Great Britain and the United States) showed significant differences: the top In countries (women: Spain, men: Switzerland), people are older on average than in Germany. The number of deaths from cardiovascular disease in Germany is particularly striking, according to the study.

“We have been campaigning for more prevention for many years. There will be a lot to gain if talking medicine is improved so that general practitioner colleagues finally have more time for health advice,” commented DEGAM President Martin Scherer. However, the specialist community cautions against placing the blame solely on the victims. “[…] When it comes to environmental prevention, which has been discussed for years, there has been no real progress in research or practice in public health care in Germany. “The first and long overdue steps are: introduction of a sugar tax, a ban on advertising tobacco products, smoking cessation as a health insurance benefit, subsidies for healthy meals in kindergartens and schools, and more sports facilities for all ages,” Scherer said. “This is the only way we can reach at least the international average in terms of life expectancy.” .” (zab, pm)

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