Shooting in the United States – US authorities admit mistakes after school massacre in Texas – News

  • After the school massacre that killed 21 victims in the US state of Texas, the security authority admitted responsible for the serious errors in the process.
  • Texas Public Safety Director Stephen McCraw said it was a mistake not to break into the classroom where the gunman was hiding earlier.
  • The police have come under increasing criticism for their actions during the crime.

Although 19 officers were out of class for more than 45 minutes, no attempts were made to enter the room and stop the shooter, says Stephen Macroe, Texas’ director of public safety. “It was a wrong decision.”

Instead of entering the room, the decision was made to wait for the special forces. Emergency services on the scene assumed the shooter was no longer firing, but had just holed up. It later turned out that this was a miscalculation. It wasn’t until 12:50 p.m. that Special Forces opened the classroom door with a key, McCro explained. Emergency services obtained this key from the caregiver.

Police emergency calls from the classroom

In an influential press conference, the head of the authority Makro announced other details about the crime. He stated, for example, that several emergency calls were made to the police from the classroom in which the gunman was barricaded with children and teachers. Macro is under great pressure.


Stephen McCrod during Friday’s press conference.

stone key

When asked how many children were injured while waiting and could have been saved, he said it was still under investigation. “We are not here to defend what happened,” he said. “We are here to clarify the facts.”

The police came under increasing criticism for their actions during the massacre. Parents accuse the emergency services of having been out of work for a long time and not intervening in time.

woman before anniversary


A woman commemorates the victims of the Uvald massacre.

stone key

Critical questions from parents

At Thursday’s press conference, authorities came under pressure to justify themselves. “Why don’t you explain that and explain to us how your officers can be there for an hour (…) but no one has been able to enter this room?” asked a reporter.

I told an officer myself that if they didn’t want to go in, he lent me his rifle and a vest and I’d go in myself.

Recently, more and more critical voices have been raised from Ovaldi’s parents. They accuse the police of acting too reluctantly. “I told one of the officers myself that if they didn’t want to go in, he would lend me his rifle and jacket and I’d go in myself to sort things out,” the father of one survivor told CNN. Other parents made similar statements in the US media.

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