Shell & Unipur promote blue hydrogen in the UK: a newspaper for local economies

Two CCS programs were selected

Deposited CO2 The Zero Carbon Humber is to be shipped via what is known as the Onshore Pipeline. Captured carbon dioxide will be stored permanently in the British North Sea.

The pipeline belongs to an area called the East Coast Cluster. The latter was recently selected as one of two CCS projects to receive initial government support from the UK government.

The planning phase is pending

These projects are expected to be able to make final investment decisions from 2024 onwards. They will be operational from 2027.

By producing blue hydrogen at Killinghome, CCS could save about 1.6 million tons of CO2 It is said to be divided every year. Shell and Uniper now plan to jointly carry out studies on process design and site development to bring the project to the planning stage by 2023.

Also green hydrogen runs

In parallel, Unipur continues to develop a project to produce green hydrogen. Electrolytic hydrogen technology is used here. It is located at Humber Hub on the Unifor site in Killingham. (JK)

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