June 24, 2024

Shelby Cobra (1965) – Classic Cars for Sale | Double disengagement clutch

Replica of AC Cobra

This Cobra was shown at the 1998 London Motor Show and was purchased from the previous owner. The car was new, but the Doctor completely rebuilt the Cobra. Body and suspension fully galvanized, new Ford 5L engine rated at 368hp at 960kg, new stylish interior, made-to-measure, silver painted paint. Also the machinery and electricity are all new.

The car impresses with its comprehensive package, everything is there. The Cobra is in perfect condition, both technically and visually. The pattern is also appropriate, just like a cobra. It is a pleasure to look at the car. The attention to detail inspires and shows the quality of this car.

Driving becomes more fun when you hear the great engine sound. The eight-cylinder carburetor engine starts instantly and has an elegant, powerful tone. All-round disc brakes, a 5-speed gearbox, direct steering and an all-new, adjustable Cobra Cup chassis make it incredibly fun to drive. They are light-footed, agile, and secure in disposition. But it is still a cobra and can quickly become poisonous. The whole coordination is just perfection and enthusiasm.

Even when it gets hot, the Cobra doesn’t have the usual thermal problems. Whether passport, city or traffic jam. The chassis and two large electric fans always ensure sufficient cooling.

I have already appreciated the two-stage heating and the lid convinces with its quality, perfect fit and ease of assembly.

The sheets are also optimized, there is no input.

I’m the second owner of this Cobra, I’ve had it for 5 years now and I don’t move it enough. Since the big service and MFK I have done 200 km.

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Rating among the classics is available: condition 1