Sheila Hetty Decides Against Kids – Here’s What She Thinks About It Today

Childbearing: Yes or No? One of the big questions. Sheila Hetty skillfully sought the answer in her book “Muttershaft.” In StarIn the interview, the Canadian author talks about her personal decision and her new book.

Feldman, Sheila Hetty’s black labrador, is tall and cozy on the couch in the background. He’s sedated, still keeping an eye on the front yard in a canine multitasking way. Against the wall in the center of the bookcase is a painting of a black dog. The animal poses beautifully.

Star talks to the Canadian bestselling author via video call at his home in Toronto. In mid-March, Hetty’s new novel Reine Farb was published in German. The The 46-year-old wouldn’t be a successful, intelligent and accurate historian and writer if his new book didn’t once again touch on existential themes. This time is about grief, about healing, about art and nature.

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