June 23, 2024

She kept her fingers crossed for him while he wrote German history

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from: Andrew Knobloch

Anna Seidel and Moritz Seider: a couple who dream of winter sports. She is a short tracker who is a hockey star and recent silver medalist. © screenshot Anna Seidel Instagram / IMAGO / Newspix24 – Collage Mercury

Moritz Seider and the ice hockey champions won the silver. His girlfriend kept his fingers crossed in the stands – a couple who dream about winter sports.

Tampere – It’s a sensation, even if it’s not a huge success: the German national ice hockey team won silver. It left countries like Sweden, the United States, Finland, and Switzerland behind and ultimately failed only because of Canada. Moritz Seider is one of the main contributors to success. And in the final, one winter athlete in particular kept her fingers crossed for him: his girlfriend and short track Anna Seidel. So they are both at home on the ice.

Sider and Sidel: Both winter athletes are impressive on skis and snowboards

Seider, who plays full-time with the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings and was named North American Freshman of the Year, was already a captain on the DEB team at a young age. His girlfriend Anna was looking forward to the final against Canada, and always let her 103k followers know where she was. The lady was then on the runway in Tampere and hoped for the gold medal.

When the game was over, she was still proud. “Still more than proud, the best is yet to come,” Seidel wrote, emphasizing the silver medal and a heart emoji, when the silver medal hung around her neck and Moretz could be seen on the large video cube.

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Proud of the silver: Seidel won a medal in the locker room – her boyfriend managed to laugh again afterwards

The grief did not last long for the female players, and soon after they were seen together in a photo shared by Dominique Cajon’s girlfriend, Antonia Gil. There, some women have medals around their necks, including Taylor Tornquist, girlfriend of NHL star Nico Storm. Sider himself was able to laugh again after the small disappointment and posted a bunch of photos from the tournament. Seder was named to the All-Star Team.

Ice hockey Winter sports Moritz Seider DEB Team Anna Seidel
Anna Seidel (top left) smiles pictured left with the silver medal awarded to her by Moritz Seidel (right) after the final. © Instagram screenshot of Antonia Gil and Anna Seidl

Seidel herself participated in the Olympic Games three times, although she was only twenty-five years old. Her greatest achievements are two silver medals at the European Championships and one silver at the World University Games. Now there is another Moritz silver in the common trophy cabinet. (last)