June 17, 2024

'Sharing the enthusiasm': Cyberport presents Germany's NFL as a partner

‘Sharing the enthusiasm’: Cyberport presents Germany’s NFL as a partner

Like any other sport in the world, American football combines high performance with entertainment and makes the games unforgettable events for fans. Millions of people in Germany watch games on TV, smartphones, tablets or computers. Accordingly, there is great anticipation among them for the NFL 103 season and the first game of the regular season in Germany. Cyberport and the NFL share a common goal of upping the game’s entertainment factor and offering fans an unforgettable experience on the field and at home.

Aliz Tepfenhart, CEO of BurdaCommerce

“We are proud to be the Official NFL Official Entertainment Partner in Germany and Presenting Partner for Pre-game and Halftime Shows in Munich and Frankfurt. The NFL Opening Game in Germany is for more than 17 million football fans in Germany as well as for Cyberport, is a historic event. Football is great and an important part of football’s success is entertainment. We want to share and foster that enthusiasm and provide the right technology for first-class entertainment. Because entertainment connects the NFL with our Cyberport and Cyberport customers.”

Alexander Steinfurth, General Manager NFL Germany

“We look forward to having Cyberport on board as the main entertainment partner for NFL Germany. With Cyberport as the pre-match and half-time partner, all American football fans in Germany can look forward to a very special entertainment experience using the latest technology and innovations.”