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Shamrock Heroes!  Number one in the Golden Book - Fürth

Shamrock Heroes! Number one in the Golden Book – Fürth

Fürth invites footballers to sign for Runhoff –
May 24, 2021 6:15 PM

Getting close to the entry into the Golden Book of Fürth: both Thomas Young and Runnhof Ascension Champions.

© Sportfoto Zink / Wolfgang Zink

As orders were still reverberating on Sunday, corpses clashed in the intense 94th minute against Fortuna Düsseldorf and the sweat flowed, there was now a complete relaxation: In the central circle, players relaxed in chairs in their gray tracksuits after a long night of partying. Embrace, comforting sayings, happy faces everywhere, blue skies over the stadium, few fans in front of him, sun above everything. No manager could organize it better.

Mad Shamrock! A chronology of the Forth Ascent in Pictures

Among other things, along with his two deputies, the mayor began his hymn of thanks to the Heroes of the Ascension. Thomas Young recalls a time when SpVgg was known as “inaccessible” because something was always blocking the path that prevented the jump to the top.

Celebrate on the Laubenweg: Fürth Boarding Score

The Ascension Champions entered the Golden Book of Forth City on Monday morning. Here are the pictures from the concert!

And anyway: as a Forth team, you would have felt happy for many years if nothing was quivering in terms of second-division relegation. The second ascent after 2012 makes him “infinitely happy.”

Although there is still one thing: “We want the homeland to win,” the mayor said with the aim of the new season. Forth team had “missed a lot” in First Division. If the shame started in the first degree and the epidemic allowed it, by the way, prominent visitors from the United States declared themselves at the city hall for the Bundesliga match in Runhoff: Henry Kissinger, born in Fürth, was expelled from his hometown by the Nazis, then wanted to cross the Atlantic plane. Young said the former US Secretary of State, who will turn 98 years old on May 27, told him in an email.

Suitable for first class! Shamrock celebrates promotion to the Bundesliga in 2021

Euphoria and chills! SpVgg Greuther Fürth was named runner-up against Fortuna Düsseldorf on the last day of the match and was promoted directly to the first Bundesliga. Here are the exhilarating pictures of a dramatic uplift.

Hopefully, Kissinger will then also see what Fred Hoffler was so happy about this season, “the most attractive style in the entire league.” Shamrock boss said the team was always playing as if they were not doing it for the money, but for the fun.

Celebrity Voices on the Rise of Trilobites: This is what Young and Claire Muller & Co. say

SpVgg Greuther Fürth will start again in the first division in the future: At the end of the season, Kleeblatt managed to beat Fortuna Düsseldorf 3-2 at home at the end of the season, thus reaching the first division in the Bundesliga after 2012 perfectly. The Fürth celebs also kept their fingers crossed for the team. Read here how they faced the final day of the match.

The next few weeks and months will show who will contribute to this and how the professional team will be formed in the new season. Speakers also praised players such as David Raum and Sebastian Ernst, whose departure has long been certain, for their full commitment to the last minute.

The question mark remained behind the coach’s success: Stefan Little did not make a clear statement on Sunday. We hope the coach stays, Walter said. shooting. But the The Chair of the Supervisory Board of SpVgg also knows: “The Bundesliga is a fast-moving company.”

Anyone who continues to wear a Forth shirt knows since signing in the Golden Book that watches tick differently here. If it doesn’t work out for you to join another season in the Bundesliga immediately, the president says, “No one will tear your head out here.” After all that. It should only work with home wins. Forth people are used to shivering anyway.

Fürth road to the Bundesliga: 10 moments from the 2020/21 season

SpVgg Greuther Fürth played a great season in Division Two 2020/21 and got a direct promotion in the finale of a great season. We review the ten most important moments of this season.

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