June 20, 2024

Severe drought - drought emergency declared in parts of England - News

Severe drought – drought emergency declared in parts of England – News

  • In parts of England, environmental authorities have declared a drought emergency.
  • Water suppliers in the affected areas are taking measures to counteract the effects of the ongoing drought.
  • The authorities in the southeast of the country limit the use of water: it is forbidden to water the garden or clean the car.

“All water suppliers have assured us that basic services are still guaranteed,” Water Minister Steve Doble said after a meeting of the National Drought Action Group. The group is closely monitoring developments and studying their impact on agriculture and the environment. “We are better prepared than ever. If necessary, we will take further action.”

Homes and private businesses were asked to check their water consumption. A drought emergency does not automatically trigger further action, but it does allow environmental authorities and water suppliers to take further steps.

Watering the plants is forbidden

The South East Water utility announced a ban on garden hoses and lawn sprinklers. Private use of garden hoses or similar devices is prohibited in all Company-provided homes until further notice. This applies, among other things, to watering plants, car washes and other private vehicles, filling swimming pools and paddling pools.

Excluded from the ban, among other things, are the commercial cultivation of plants, the irrigation of sports facilities and the operation of a car wash. According to the BBC, about 1.4 million households in the counties of Kent and Sussex will be affected by the ban, which took effect on Friday.

Garden hoses have also been banned in other parts of the country. Similar restrictions will take effect in Yorkshire and London in the coming weeks.

Meteorologists warn of rising temperatures

July was the driest month since 1935 and set a new temperature record: the thermometer rose above 40 degrees in the UK for the first time. Precipitation was only 35 percent of average.

The British Met Office has issued a severe heat warning for large parts of England and Wales. Meteorologists expect heavy rain on Sunday and Monday. Can lead to flood because Dry soil can no longer absorb water.

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