June 21, 2024

Settlers Pioneers of Pagonia: Central update is ready to go soon

Pioneers of Pagonia Mining Update contents have been available for testing in the Steam beta branch since the beginning of May. Six weeks later, the final release is scheduled to take place.

Update 0.6 is coming soon

As Envision Entertainment reports, the “busiest business simulator ever” will receive its next content update on June 25. There are new resources, units, buildings and enemies. In order to explore new resources deep underground, geologist and mining prospectors play a role. In the German version, Gronach will lend his voice to the hard-working Pagonian.

And with new resources from underground mining also come fun challenges: “New commodity chains must be built, gold ore must be processed and steel weapons and armor must be produced,” Envision continues. As new enemies, the marauders who are claiming their territory and spreading further must be stopped in time before they exploit all the valuable natural resources. A new trailer introduces the mining update.

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