December 6, 2023

Servette FC – FC Lucerne: the match in the live stream


Not consistent enough in defense – FCL loses 2:4 to Servette

Despite scoring two goals, the Champions League was unable to obtain any point in Geneva. But more could have been achieved this Sunday.

Servette Club: FC Lucerne 4:2 (1:1)

FCL starting lineup

The Champions League starts against Geneva with almost the same lineup as in the 2-1 home win against Yverdon a week ago. Only Sofiane Chader had the chance from the start. Lars Villier takes his place on the bench.


Seventh minute: Miroslav Stefanovic rushes forward on the right wing and fires a cross into the penalty area. FCL center defender Luca Jaquez is too far away from the approaching defender Alexis Antonis far. He overtakes Pascal Loritz to take the lead.

Geneva residents celebrate after taking an early 1-0 lead.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus (Geneva, October 29, 2023)

Minute 33: Martin Frydek throws the ball deep, as Pius Dorn passes the ball to the midfield Severin Otiger wings. The FCL full-back kicks the ball into the net from a few meters away.

Otiger (center) lets his teammates celebrate.

Otiger (center) lets his teammates celebrate.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus (Geneva, October 29, 2023)

Minute 61: Sufyan is present He was allowed to play from the start today – and he thanked Mario Fricke for his confidence with a brilliant goal in the 61st minute. Outside the penalty area, the Frenchman darts off on his right foot and fires the ball into the far corner. Great hit.

Minute 65: After a header from Timoth̩e Cognat, Pascal Lauritz directs the ball wide. She says there Chris Bedia Spot on Рand score 2:2.

Minute 82: Pius Dorn and Niki Belloko can’t separate Bendigoz Bula from the ball. The man from Geneva blocked both and scored with a shot past Lauritz to make it 3-2.

Minute 96: Servet happily continues to play forward. From a short distance, the ball hits Pius Dorn’s hand inside the penalty area. The penalty awarded has been calculated Enzo Crivelli Lauritz passed to make the final score 4-2.

Match report

A minute later, the ball hits Servet’s goal for the first time. But it was too early to rejoice: Chader, who was supposed to provide the assist, was offside when Meier passed the ball. It is the Servettiens on the other hand who score the first goal of the match. After a cross from Stefanovic, Jaquez is too far away from Antonis. Even Loritz couldn’t do anything here anymore.

Shortly afterwards, thanks to a courageous goal-line intervention by Gashari, Geneva’s 2-0 lead was on the verge of being thwarted. But there is cause for celebration in the 33rd minute: Frederic with a long throw for Dorn. He picks up the ball, turns, and crosses the ball into the middle – Oettiger making it 1-1 in perfect fashion.

The equalizer gave FCL another boost shortly before half-time, but a brilliant shot from Chader was blocked by Geneva. In the last minutes before the end of the first half, FCL was the better team, but Lucerne was unable to score the second goal.

Sofiane Chader is allowed to play from the start and is having a good game.

Sofiane Chader is allowed to play from the start and is having a good game.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus (Geneva, October 29, 2023)

At the beginning of the second 45 minutes, Otiger almost scored his second goal. After a wonderful pass from Oko, his shot was blocked by Mole. On the other hand, a missile from Tsunemoto shot just over the crossbar. Chader also has another good chance, but goalkeeper Servet Moll is in his position.

In the 61st minute, the duel returned again, with Moll versus Chader. But this time, it ended well for the Frenchman in an FCL shirt. His long-range shot hit the net behind Moll. However, FCL’s joy does not last long. Just four minutes after the opening goal, Bedia made it 2-2.

Otiger duel with Kutesa.

Otiger duel with Kutesa.

Photo: Martin Meinberger/Fresh Focus

But things are getting worse for the people of Lucerne. With less than ten minutes to go, Bula scored with a volley to make it 3-2 to the home side – and substitute Vliger failed to hit the post. Servette and Lucerne exchanged public blows in the second half. FCL had to settle for another stoppage-time goal: the ball bounced into Dorn’s hands, resulting in a penalty kick. Crivelli did not have to ask twice for the penalty point and scored the final score 4:2 in favor of Servette. Much more could have actually been achieved for Lucerne in this match.

Here’s what the FCL coach says

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FCL feedback

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FCL scores

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Results and table


The FCL’s next match is scheduled to be played in French-speaking Switzerland on Wednesday. They will face Delemont in the cup on November 1. The tournament continues next Sunday with a home match against GC.

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