June 17, 2024

Servet wins the derby and beats Lausanne

Servet wins the derby and beats Lausanne

Servette – Lausanne 5: 1 – The Genève-Servette Hockey club is establishing itself as the new No.1 on Lake Geneva. Servettiens surpassed Lausanne Hockey Club in the table thanks to their 5-1 head-to-head victory.

The Geneva team claimed their fourth victory in the fifth Lake Lyman derby. The winner of the Servette match was Canadian Guillaume Asselin, on loan from Sierre.

Asline played his third National League match with Servet on Sunday. At the January premiere away from ZSC Lions, he scored the winning goal in overtime. Last week, he also scored in Geneva’s 3-0 home win over Freiburg. Asselin has succeeded three times in the derby against Lausanne: 1-0, 3-1 and 5-1.

With five hits in three NLA games, Asselin had his own best publicity. In Canada, the 28-year-old did not make it to the East Coast Hockey League. Before participating in Sierre Asselin, he had already starred in the Slovak league in Banska Bystrica as an enforcer. Asselin will play again for Servette for the time being – on Tuesday in the second leg against Ambri-Piotta. He then returned to HC Sierre for the qualifiers in the Swiss League.

Servette dominated Lausanne not only because of Asselin, but primarily because he brought the defense back in order. Serviten lost four out of five matches (including the cup) at the end of February and conceded too many goals. More recently, however, he has recorded sovereign victories against Freiburg (3: 0) and Lausanne (5: 1) – and with different goalkeepers (Declux vs Freiburg and Manatato vs Lausanne).

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Servit – Lausanne 5: 1 (2: 0, 0: 1, 3: 0)

0 spectators. – SR Tscherrig / Dipietro, Cattaneo / Gnemmi. – Tore: 6. Asselin (Mercier) 1: 0.20. (19:44) Moi 2: 0. 35. Hudon (Genazzi, Almond / Powerplaytor) 2: 1. 42. Asselin (Omark, Le Coultre / Powerplaytor) 3: 1. 44. Rod (Richard, Völlmin) 4: 1. 48. Asselin (Powerplaytor) 5: 1. – Penalties: 5 times and 2 minutes. PostFinance Scorer: Omark; Malgin.

Genevieve Servet: Manzato; Jacquemet, Fulmin; Carrier, Le Coulter; Mercier, Cast; Gopi. Rudd, Richard, Fermin; Miranda, Winnick, Omark; Moai, Fehr, Asline; Perthon, Smirnoff, Voylamos; Patri.

Lausanne: Stephan; Ginazzi, Barberio; Hildner, Frick. Grossman, Marty; Kruger, Meito; Gibbons, Malgin, Haddon; Birchy, Emerton, Kenens; Boson, almond, bang; Krakauskas, Froidevaux, Schneeberger.

Notes: Geneva Servet without Maurer and Tomerence (both infected).