December 10, 2023

Sequel shooting problems

Sequel shooting problems

Since it was announced a month ago as part of a sweeping transformation of the entire upcoming Marvel portfolio, it could also be Dr. Gharib late in The multiverse of madness he goes. The Caliph will appear around the former surgeon in 6. May 2022 in theatres.

And while a potential villain has just appeared through a puzzle box, the shooting itself doesn’t seem to be going smoothly either. again The Hollywood Reporter It has now been reported, a number of recordings must be reproduced.

Reshoot in Los Angeles: for six weeks

According to unnamed sources, the shooting will take place in Los Angeles and will last six weeks, with the team working six days a week. Of course, Benedict Cumberbatch, the same Doctor Strange, is also present. It is not known which actors are still involved in the new filming.

Although 36 days of filming seems like a lot of work and could certainly ring alarm bells for one or other fans, the Hollywood Reporter sources say that reshoots is a lot less exciting than it sounds: “We’ve had great reshoots for the other MCU movies.”

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Another source confirms the statement and reports that this is a common Marvel practice: “Even in the middle of production, Marvel will cost you more shooting.” Originally, Doctor Strange had a production (Buy now €9.99) 2 In the UK, some scenes shot there are said to have been particularly influenced by the reshoot.

those: The Hollywood Reporter

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