October 1, 2023

sentimental words.  American athletes were shocked by the decision to have an abortion

sentimental words. American athletes were shocked by the decision to have an abortion

Megan Rapinoe can’t hold back her tears at the media conference.

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Many American athletes have campaigned for women’s rights for years. The Supreme Court’s abortion decision offends them all.

In fact, American football players wanted to talk about football before the end of the week. Before the test match against Colombia, they were also interested in one topic in particular: the Supreme Court’s decision to pillage them. In 1973, the Supreme Court allowed abortion throughout the United States before the fetus was viable, up to about 24 weeks of gestation. Now the laws of individual states are applied again.

For Captain Megan Rapinoe, this decision is a slap in the face. “It’s a sad day for me personally, for my teammates and for all the people affected,” she said. “Frankly, a male-majority court that makes decisions about my body or another woman’s body is completely misguided and has nothing to do with the needs of the country,” she stated.

Extensive support from all over the sports world

During her speaking, Rapinoe can no longer hold back her tears, she is very frustrated and angry after the decision. “I cannot stress enough how sad and brutal this decision was.” Rapinoe was among 500 current and former athletes who signed a letter in support of abortion rights in a Supreme Court case last year.

On social media, Rapinoe has received widespread support from across the American sports world. For example, the Women’s Basketball Association (WNBA) issued the following statement to indicate the risks: “This ruling will increase economic, social and political inequality and may lead to higher maternal mortality rates.” Tennis player Coco Gauff wrote on social media that she is incredibly frustrated.

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American athletes also receive support from men. Basketball star LeBron James has expressed his anger and is upset that it’s all about “power and control” again. “We believe that women should be able to make decisions about their health and future,” NBA President Adam Silver wrote.