Selenskyj complains about Germany’s behaviour: ‘It costs us too much’

Weeks ago, the Ukrainian president demanded heavy weapons – including from Germany. Now he talks about difficult conversations and is troubled by “German pragmatism”.

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In a report published by the American news magazine “Time”, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky provided detailed insights into his crisis management in recent weeks. Big topic: organizing military support from other countries.

Selinsky stressed that Ukraine desperately needed this in order to defend itself against the superior Russian army. While the USA, the Netherlands and the UK, for example, quickly signaled assistance, this readiness from Germany was long overdue.

‘It’s hard for the Germans’

The Ukrainian armed forces are still under pressure, especially in the east of the country. The eastern Ukrainian port of Mariupol was completely destroyed – because Russia has obvious military advantages. With another offensive, the Russian army wants to occupy more areas.

In this case, says Silinsky, more help is needed from Germany as well. But he says: “The situation is really difficult for the Germans. They act as if they do not want to lose their relations with Russia.” Russia is primarily important to Germany as a supplier of oil and gas. “This is your German pragmatism,” said the chief, “but it costs us a lot.”

Ukraine has recently shown its frustration clearly. Selenskyj’s team asked Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier not to come to Ukraine – even though he had already planned the trip.

Meanwhile, the German position has changed, and heavy weapons such as Gepard armored personnel carriers will also be delivered in the future. The Bundestag also sent a clear signal on Thursday, speaking in favor of handing over heavy weapons. The Traffic Lights Coalition and the Federation had demanded this in a joint application.

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