June 20, 2024

Section 2: Maintenance and Serverdown March 9th

Section 2: Maintenance and Serverdown March 9th

The Division 2 shuts down its servers for a few hours this morning, March 9th, to implement new major update 12.3. Maintenance begins on all platforms (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S, Stadia, and PC) and MeinMMO will show you the details.

Why maintenance? A stolen open-world shooter has always been suspiciously quiet. However, recently it hired developers Plans for 2021 It even announced a new mode for its launch this year.

In addition, the season cycle starts again and with TU 12.3 Season 5 starts today, which is actually the first season last year. With what’s called a “Season replay”, you can experience the content of the chapters again.

Road map for the first season of last year.

All information about the server has been discontinued and updated on March 9-21

When do the servers go down? Maintenance has already started and will take about 3 hours. This is what the timeline looks like:

  • Maintenance starts at 9:30 AM our time
  • This also initiates downtime and you cannot play Section 2
  • Servers are set to remain offline for 3 hours
  • If all goes smoothly, the servers will start connecting to the internet again at 12:30 PM.

Noticeable: In the past, it always happened that the end of maintenance was postponed – forward and backward. So it is very likely that you will have to wait a longer period for the servers to come back online. But it also happened that the servers got into the Internet earlier.

We keep the article updated and let you know if something needs to be changed in times of maintenance.

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How big is the update? This is a little different and depends on the platform you are using. The developers define the following update sizes:

  • Computer: ca. 3,6 GB
  • Xbox: ca. 4,6 GB
  • Playstation: ca. 3,8 GB

The developers state that sizes in different regions can also vary again. But the information is a good guide to the size of the update.

Contents of TU 12.3

What does the new update bring? The patch notes are very thin. The “highlight” of the new major update is the start of the Seasonal Restart. This means that the chase will start online, but the Season Pass will be played again. You can learn more about The Division 2 seasons here.

Additionally, the stability on the PC is improved. Do you want to take a look at the English Patch Note yourself, Then take a look at the official Ubisoft forum.

The Division 2 will continue to be supported in 2021, but it can no longer shine with similar ads last year. However, this open world shooting game is especially interesting for newcomers who want to explore a large world and put together interesting designs in the process. belong to The best cooperative shooting games in an open worldEven if you step back a little at the end of the game.