Sect conspiracy head – Is he a mysterious Q?

New documentary series claims to have discovered Ron Watkins is behind QAnon’s group. This has called a storm over the Capitol.

Neohippie or a right-wing extremist?  Ron Watkins may be both.

Neohippie or a right-wing extremist? Ron Watkins may be both.

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He does not sound like a right-wing extremist. With his Britpop hairstyle and Asian highlights, one could mistake Ron Watkins as a neohippie from Silicon Valley. So it has been until now. As an old official of “8kun”And the The internet network founded by his father, and he now lives in Japan, where he was Indulges his passion for woodworking and In a book on US constitutional law works the same as the magazine did «Vice» Announced in December.

Then there’s another story about Watkins. He is said to be the leader of the conspiracy sect Qunun, whose supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6. This is what a six-part documentary series from HBO claims to have discoveredThat will be broadcast for the first time on Sunday. Director Colin Hoback spent three years researching “Q Into the Storm; plunge into the strange world of this right-wing internet sect.

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