Second ice skating race in Enechen – with 3 Swiss podiums: Rigues misses second win in a row – Sports

Second snowboarding race in Innichen – with 3 Swiss podiums: Regez misses second win in a row – Sports – SRF

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In the last race of the year, the Swiss team had three skate crosses on the podium.

  • In the second World Cup race in Ennechen (ITA), the Swiss team also impressed with 3 podium finishes.
  • In the men’s category, Ryan Riggs (second) and Tobias Bauer (third) took the podium.
  • Fanny Smith also finished second in the second performance at Pustertal.

As on Sunday, Ryan Regez showed a great performance on the second day of racing at Innichen and dominated his qualifying as he pleased until the final. Unlike the day before, Tobias Bauer, his roommate, made it to the last four this time.

With Romain Détraz, a third Swiss reached the final in the sixth race in 8 days for the first time this season. There was her time against the French Bastien Midol. However, he was not impressed and decided the final against the winner the day before. Behind them, Bower earned his first place on the podium.

But for Détraz, it’s a thankless fourth place finish. Vaudoa’s disappointment must be limited, after all, this was his first 5 rank in over two and a half years. The men’s team’s strong performance saw a victory over Jose Perry for sixth place.

Smith is on the podium again

As for the women, after Sana Lodi got off early, it was once again up to Fanny Smith to get the coals for the Swiss women’s team out of the fire. Talina Jantenbein did not start Saturday’s heats due to back pain. After taking second place on Sunday, Team Romandi also secured on the same day the following day.

Monday’s win went to Sandra Näslund. The Swede was once again in a class of her own and won the last race of the year in impressive fashion. Third place goes to Marielle Thompson from Canada. The cross-country ski circus continues after the end of the year (January 14) in Blue Mountain, Canada.

SRF Zwei, sportlive, Dec. 20, 21, 11:20 a.m.;

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