December 8, 2023

Sebastian Vettel wants to explore Great Britain after a career

Sebastian Vettel wants to explore Great Britain after a career>sport>

17. April 2021 – 14:33 hour

Professionally again in England often

Sebastian Vettel has only been working with a team based in Great Britain (again) for a few months, but his love for the island has already heated up. Due to his stressful job as an Aston Martin driver, there is no time for a four-time Formula 1 World Champion to wrestle with the country. Vettel, a nature lover, wants to change that after his career.

Plenty of travel destinations to consider

“I look forward to one day, when I have more time, to explore a little bit of Great Britain with my family, just to see all the places I’ve heard about over the years,” the 33-year-old told Radio Times, a British magazine. The UK is not completely new to Vettel anymore, as the former Red Bull headquarters are also there.

Seb already has a number of specific destinations on his mind to explore: “I haven’t been to Cornwall yet, I would like to get to know this part. I know a little bit about the south, and it is beautiful. I haven’t really done it in the North and in the Midlands and then there is Scotland and Ireland. There’s a lot to see there. But this takes more than just an afternoon break. “

The German also sees many aspects that are culturally interesting. The British are “just funny” and there is “a great sense of humor”.