Search. The “Stick to the Science” campaign sends a message to the European Union Commission.

The “Hold the Flag” campaign has sent an open letter to European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. In it, the initiators are asking Switzerland and the UK to quickly partner with the European Union research program “Horizon Europe”. (Icon picture)

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Stick to the Flag has sent an open letter to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. In it, the researchers ask for help connecting Switzerland and Great Britain to the European Union research program “Horizon Europe”.

The campaign’s initiators wrote in their letter published on Thursday that the president of the European Commission should be contacted on behalf of the 5,600 researchers and research organizations that have signed up to the “stick with science” campaign.

In light of challenges to be overcome, such as climate change or future pandemics, “we have to work together,” he continues. However, the delay in connecting Switzerland and the UK with “Horizon Europe” can currently only be resolved at the highest level of responsibility of the European Union, the initiators wrote in a statement.

Referring to the currently strained relationship between Switzerland and the European Union, the letter says: “Political relations can heal,” but the effects on research will be seen decades later.

The letter was signed by the heads of the six supporting institutions of the campaign. These include the Federal Institutes of Technology and the ETH Council, the Royal Society founded in 1660, UK universities and the Wellcome Foundation, which promotes scientific projects in health issues.

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