December 4, 2023

Scotland's long farewell - international

Scotland’s long farewell – international


Independence is the central promise of the Scottish National Party (SNP). But saying goodbye won’t be as easy as Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon does. The question of independence from the United Kingdom greatly divides Scotland

A statue of the Duke of Wellington in the port city of Glasgow symbolically shows Scots’ discontent with the authorities from faraway London: the Duke was a British prime minister in the nineteenth century, but was above all a representative of the Conservative Party, and thus represents what many Scots dislike. That’s why he’s been wearing an orange and white rubber hat on his head for years – a traffic cone. The authorities regularly take off the hat and the ridicule returns after one night. A game of cat and mouse allegedly costs authorities more than 10,000 francs each year.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants to capitalize on discontent with London. You promised a second independence vote. On the other hand, Barney Crockett, mayor of the oil city of Aberdeen, warns that Brexit is a small shock compared to the problems that separating Scotland from the rest of the UK would bring.

A report from a torn country.