June 23, 2024

Scotland: New Alba also wants to leave the UK

Scotland: New Alba also wants to leave the UK

Just six weeks before the regional elections in Scotland
On May 6, former Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond
He announced the creation of a new party called Alba. like him
The ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) is said to be the Alba party

Establishing the country’s independence from Great Britain.

Salmond, who ruled Scotland from 2007 to 2014, left the Scottish National Party in 2018 after allegations of sexual harassment there.
It was investigated. Later he served by a court
I disowned. Then he made serious allegations on his part
Adopted political daughter, current Scottish
Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon. The sturgeon had to get one

Put a vote of no confidence her win.

The second referendum

The head of the Scottish National Party hopes to obtain an absolute majority in the regional elections.
That should increase the pressure on London, but again
Permission for a referendum on the independence of Scotland. at
The first referendum in 2014 is a majority of Scots
Voters (55%) to stay in the UK


Salmond and his Alba party want to compete directly with the Scottish National Party
He stressed not to be kicked. Direct candidates should not be appointed
Become. Instead, he was hoping for some regional lists
Bringing representatives to the Regional Parliament in Edinburgh. both of them
Then the parties could have a “super majority” for independence

Belden, so salmond.

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