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Science – Wiesbaden:Conditions for university employees must be improved

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Wiesbaden (dpa/lhe) – With the Good Work Act, 14 Hesse state universities want to work with the Ministry of Science to improve employment prospects for their employees. University representatives and Science Minister Angela Dorn (the Greens) on Monday signed a similar agreement in Wiesbaden. “We want to give all bright minds a fair chance so that they can develop their potential. This also includes good working conditions at universities,” Dorn said before signing the agreement.

Among other things, the code provides more security planning for employees in universities. For example, there should be more open contracts and a more accurate distribution of tasks to employees. In addition, young scientists must be promoted with binding views.

“Our attractiveness as an employer is becoming more and more important in the national and international competition for the best scientific and science-related professionals,” explained Tania Proll, Hessian Presidia University (KHU) conference spokeswoman. According to Brühl, universities have an original interest in making employment relationships attractive and fair in the future as well.

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