June 23, 2024

Science Week – Cottingburn: The Minister of Education visited the Polytechnic School

Excited waiting in the three classes of the Köttingbrunn Polytechnic course: when will Education Minister Martin Polaszek and State Education Chancellor Christiane Teichel-Hofmeister finally arrive? School spokesman Omar is already at the starting point, while Principal Birgit Veljković welcomes Mayor Christian Machu, MP Peter Szerts, Albin Schuler from the Education Directorate and other distinguished guests. Thursday is a first for students, teachers and the principal: no education minister has ever visited Poly in Köttingbronn.

“It is a pleasure and an honor for us,” says experienced teacher Joseph Ledinger. “And recognizing what is being achieved here at school.” Personal support is at the forefront of the curriculum at Cottingbronn. “If our students are not at school at the scheduled start time, we also invite the youth home,” says director Birgit Veljković.

Mayor Christian Machu, Minister Martin Polaszek, Director Birgit Veljković, and MP Peter Szerts

Judith Jandrenich

Kottingbrunn Polytechnic sees its first mission as making young people eligible for apprenticeships. This includes students’ ability to write an error-free and attractive application and leave a good, interested impression at the interview. He wears a shirt and tie appropriately, as he did during the ministerial visit on Thursday. The minister arrives shortly after eight in the morning. Exemption from the state education advisor due to illness.

There is a lot of science in the cell phone

The mood was good, and Polaszek immediately walked into the classroom and explained, in keeping with Science Week, that there were eight Nobel Prizes in a smartphone. “So it does not mean that science is not relevant to everyday life. Quite the contrary. We do not realize it enough,” the minister explained to the students. Sabine Sedlacek, vice-rector of the private Modul University in Vienna, also explained the nature of teaching and research.

Pollatschek in Polly Kottingbrunn

Minister Polaszek explained the amount of science involved in a cell phone.

Judith Jandrenich

“They were very interested and thought things through,” she praised the students to the teachers. The minister was taken around the entire school. There was a lot to see in the workshops. The students did not have to ask the minister for a long time to sit on a bicycle that the students of metallurgy classes made themselves. Craft and technical skills are essential at the Polytechnic School of Kottingbrunn in order to impress potential future teachers during the trial weeks.

These are extremely important to the school. Ledinger also emphasized a good personal relationship with the companies, “many of which really support us in the region.” The Minister of Education also expressed his admiration, and did not hesitate to take some selfies with the students. But then the ministerial schedule became urgent. Another photo together, and then Pollaschek set off for a city day in Wiener Neustadt.

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