December 2, 2023

Science & Technology: "Nintendo Switch Sports": Head to the Living Room Contest

Science & Technology: “Nintendo Switch Sports”: Head to the Living Room Contest

Nintendo Switch Sports

The Nintendo Switch Sports game is controlled by Joycons. Motion-sensitive controllers become players’ hands. Photo: Nintendo, 2022 / dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

Two of the most popular sports of the time, tennis and bowling, are back. In addition, the sword fight already represented in “Wii Sports Resort” is part of the game. With football, volleyball and badminton, there are three new disciplines on offer.

Hypothetical punishment in front of the TV

It is controlled by the Joycons of the Nintendo Switch. Nothing has changed in terms of gameplay compared to its predecessor. The movements of individual sports are imitated with controllers, for example by swinging tennis or badminton rackets or throwing bowling balls. In soccer, you can even use your foot to shoot with a leg ring for the fun games included.

Nintendo Switch Sports is probably the most fun multiplayer game. In front of your own screen, multiple players can play against each other or in teams to win, each with its own joicon. But the online mode is also useful: as you climb up the ranking, new sports clothes or equipment can be unlocked.

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As far as movement goes, Nintendo Switch Sports likely won’t replace an entire training session on the tennis court or the soccer field. But for a fun and entertaining competition in your living room, the “Nintendo Switch Sports” is a good alternative. You don’t have to sweat – but you can.

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“Nintendo Switch Sports” is available for the Nintendo Switch and costs about 40 euros.

Nintendo Switch Sports launch show